Friday, 12 October 2012

Aeronef - Did It Happen?

If there's no photos, it didn't happen.

Guess who left his camera at home, and his phone plugged into the computer last night? That's right - me. Which is why you're just going to hear that three of us played Aeronef, without any pictorial evidence that such an event took place.

We played the 'Scramble' scenario from the rules. It was slightly less one-sided than last time, but still heavily biased in favour of the French; it's still far to easy for them to bomb the three targets before the British can stop them. One of the big French bombers was very badly shot to pieces (there was no way it would be getting home), and another was wandering along the English coastline looking lost after delivering its on-target bomb-load. Otherwise the French came out of the attack OK. The British lost a couple of gunboats, had their larger destroyers shot up quite badly and lost the war. That's my story, anyway.

In lieu of Aeronef pictures, here's one of a cat:

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