Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Galley Fleets

OK, I think that's enough galleys for now. I added five more over the weekend - some more lanternas and some more galleys. I can now field two Lepanto-era forces, each of three squadrons (each with a flagship) and roughly fifteen vessels a side. That's a decent-sized game of Galleys & Galleons by anyone's standards.

Time to embark on some different ships, although the project I really want to get on with is waiting for some relevant Osprey books to wend their weary way here from the UK.


  1. That’s a great sight KK! The ships look impressive and the sea cloth is very effective.

  2. I´ve really enjoyed following the development of your fleet, so much so that I am now armed with lolly sticks and desire (while perhaps lacking talent) to make my own, including the biremes and triremes.
    Could you please give measurements of each type? I really like the way yours look on the table and I´d like to replicate it. Great stuff! :)

    1. For the galleys I cut three hull lengths - 25mm for the galliots, 30mm for the galleys and 35mm for the lanternas and galleasses.
      Galeys and galliots are mounted on a ard piece 20mm long and 20mm wide for the oars, whilst the lanternas and galleasses are on card 25mm long and 20mm wide. The lolly sticks are pretty much 10mm wide, so you should get 5m of oras on each side. The ram/prow of each ship is a triangle of card 10mm across at the base and 10mm from base to vertex. The stern of each ship is a piece of lolly-stick about 10-15mm long, whilst the forecastle is a piece about 7mm long, or 10mm for the bigger ships. Masts are 20mm sections of cocktail stick. To be honest once I have the basic hull laid down I guestimate most other measurements; it's fairly easy to cut pieces and make mockups.

      Oh, before glueing the lolly-stick assembly to the card base, shape the stern on the vessel with an emery board (I use the kind you use for fingernails), just to taper it a little. Again, do it by eye.

      Hope this helps.

    2. This post has a diagram and measurements of my basic ancient trireme, which I hope helps give you a feel for how everything is put together. You should be able to extrapolate other ships from it.


    3. Thanks very much, that´s perfect. I´ve already downloaded the picture of the trireme measurements but the others were a bit elusive.

      Thanks again, I´m really looking forward to this project. Ganesha Games should give you a commission by the way. :)


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