Friday, 21 June 2019

Daleks, Dinosaurs and Rocketships

After a break of seven weeks, I'm back to Thursday evening wargaming!

I kept it simple. A game of HOTT with Caesar. What else?

I brought a few armies with me, and we went for a sci-fi setup. I took Flash Gordon and the Warriors of Mono. Caesar used the Daleks, adding in a controlled dinosaur for extra silliness.

Daleks and mercenaries.

Saucer vs Rocketship

The airboat fight on my left sucked in other elements - Flash committed the Frigians on their riding-birds, whilst the Daleks sent in the dinosaur.

Flash himself skulked at the rear, hiding from the Special Weapons Dalek. He sent the Lionmen into the scrub to fight the main Dalek force.

Lion-Men prepare to fight the Daleks.

The dinosaur ate some Frigians, but didn't really achieve much after that. The rocketship and saucer eyed each other warily.

The fight shifted to the centre, where the Lionmen got the upper hand over the Daleks, soon putting their Supreme Leader under pressure. Zarkov, Dale and the Hawkmen assisted.

The dinosaur hovered around looking threatening, whilst Flash and Barin considered the best way to take it down.

The Lionmen saved them the effort, destroying the Supreme Dalek and forcing the metallic invaders to retreat. Maybe to invade another day ...

I popped some dinosaurs in as a fun thing to add to an army, and Caesar went for it. It fitted quite well with the Dalek ethos, and I'm tempted to make a proper one with some suitable mind-control attachments as a permanent option for the army.

Thanks to Caesar for a fun, if slightly daft, game.


  1. Love your armies and the terrain. The dinosaur and the tiny houses looks great. Cheers, Karl

  2. Thanks for posting this.
    Great game and figures, champion stuff!

  3. HOTT is back, yeaaaahhh :)
    thanx for sharing, the rocketship is awesome

    1. Thanks. It's a resin model of Aura's shuttle from the 1980 film that I was given many, many years ago.


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