Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Burlesque Update #6

I did it!

On Saturday all of our work and rehearsals bore fruit, as we performed our burlesque showcase to a packed audience. And I made my solo debut.

What can I say? It was so much fun. Yes, I was nervous. Very nervous in those few final minutes backstage. But once I stepped up on stage, and the music began it all clicked into place, and I had a whale of a time.

I also performed as part of the Showgirl Troupe later in the show, and that went well too.

There are more official photos, and individual performance videos are yet to come, but our headmistress, Mae de la Rue, put together this clip video, showing all of the performances by both students and 'professional' performers. The opening and closing clips show the 'cannon' move I wrote about in Burlesque Update #1

Indeed here we are doing the second of our cannons.

I took a screen capture of part of my solo from the video.

There was, of course, a curtain-call

Back Row: The Muse Showgirls (of which I'm a part), plus guest performer Coco Rochelle. Catherine (Mrs Kobold) and Maya (our daughter) are fourth and fifth from the left.

Kneeling (Left to Right): Isadora Persano (me), Kiss Tingles, Valerie Chandon, Miss Incognito, The Muse Fan Trio, Pearly Lustre

On the Floor (Left to Right): Miss Surely Knot, Mae de la Rue, Satin Spitfire

Tomorrow we will be doing our showgirl routine up in Sydney (so I will be missing wargaming one final time), and then on Saturday we'll be doing the whole show again, also up in Sydney.

Next week? Life returns to normal ...

All photos and video by Stuart Bucknall Photography


  1. Congratulations on your solo performance!

  2. Congrats! Glad to hear the hard work paid off and everyone had fun. The performers looked fabulous.

    1. Thank you. We've finished all of the shows now, and I hope to do one more update once we have some of the official performance photos.


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