Sunday, 14 April 2019

Arthur and The Sultan Of Z'uing

Arthur and his Knights travelled far and wide in their quest for the Holy Grail. This particular sunny Sunday afternoon saw them in the lands of the Sultan of Z'uing (way down south).

The Sultan led his army out to meet the King of the Britons.

Arthur placed himself in the centre of his knights on the right flank, leaving Merlin and Lancelot to cover the left flank.

Simple plans are always the best; Arthur's knights would be more than a match for the lighter Arab horseman, so a straight charge on the flank was obviously the approach to go for.

Assassins sneaked out between the lines as they closed.


Arthur and his men drove their foes back, but now their flanks were exposed. I mean you saw that coming, yes?

The Sultan of Z'uing was famous for deploying flying carpets as part of his army, and their heroic riders fell on Arthur's right flank. Meanwhile his skilled archers turned on the left.

Arthur's men held, and kept driving the Arabs back, destroying one troop of horse.

But some knights fell to the flying carpets.

The assassins caused disruption in Arthur's rear, evading an attempt by the foot-soldiers to chase them down.

More knights fell to archery.

Arthur was now looking dangerously exposed.

Merlin led the foot-soldiers to the rescue.

But the Sultan led his bodyguard in a counter-attack.

And Arthur fell. Oh dear.

Arthur and his knights lost Arthur and two elements of knights. The Sultan of Z'uing lost two riders. But I think we've learned that an unsupported attack by knights is a recipe for disaster.


  1. Replies
    1. So that, dear friends, is how King Arthur and his brothers in arms found themselves in dire straits somewhere south of the river*. Sorry Kap'n, you started it. (There must be a river north of the battlefield, somewhere). :-)


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