Friday, 27 July 2018

Maurice Campaign - Round 3

We played Round 3 of our ongoing Maurice campaign last night. Round 2 saw the end of the first war, so we started this one with all of our conscripts upgraded to trained troops, and a new set of alliances. The new was saw Austria (Peter), Sweden (Me) and France (Caesar) up against the Ottomans (Gary), Russia (Colin) and Prussia (Ralph), and in that order.

I defended against a mighty wave of Russian infantry. Seeing it ready to advance on my position, I quickly switched my cavalry from my left flank to my right, with the vague idea of trying to either fall on the flank of the Russians as they advanced, or slip into their rear.

I opted for the latter plan, and then completely screwed it up, getting tangled up in the forests and village covered by the Russian's small force of irregular cavalry.

Meanwhile Colin ignored my cavalry and advanced his wall of men towards my somewhat exposed position.

I attacked his cavalry, hoping it might distract him. It didn't.

As Colin's troops arrived on my left flank I brought my commander back on the hope I could salvage the situation.

But, as ever, I'd left it too late, and I lost  the two units holding my flank before I'd organised any reserves to reinforce them. With no obvious way to prevent myself being overwhelmed, I sought terms in order to prevent any further casualties on either side (and to preserve our hard-won trained troops). Colin accepted.

Gary and Peter ended up in a similar situation. Gary's Ottomans advanced against Peters infantry, and inflicted a series of such rapid and heavy losses on them that Peter felt further conflict was unneccessary. he too sought, and received, terms.

As ever Gary's cavalry looked gorgeous.

It was left to Caesar to try and salvage some dignity for our alliance, and he did so in a very close game against Ralph. Both armies ended up with much of their infantry wiped out, and the battle pretty much went to the last morale point, but Caesar just clinched the victory. However both Prussia and France will be fielding a lot of conscripts in the next battle, as the was hasn't ended.

John's Irish sat this round out, as we now have an odd number of players. I have a feeling that my performance leaves me sat firmly at the bottom of the rankings. Weighting an army towards cavalry doesn't really seem to be the way to go in Maurice. Ironically I might have done better in my battle had I opted for more terrain, which would have broken up Colin's attack and negated his superior numbers of infantry somewhat. I could have used my cavalry as a massive reserve. Maybe next time, eh?

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  1. One of the things I love about the Succession Wars campaign system is the impact on how you play games. It also makes some of the national advantages tremendously appealing. I use to run Depots and Guards, as it meant I could play aggressively, knowing broken units would return full strength.


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