Sunday, 15 July 2018

Machinas Duo

I put together another couple of cars for Machinas on Friday and Saturday; I assembled and glued all the bits together on Friday evening, prepped and painted the basic colour-scheme on Saturday morning before my dancing lessons, and the finished them off on Saturday evening whilst Mrs Kobold drooled over 'Poldark'.

They don't have names yet.

They're both based around ranged attacks and armour.

The car has guns fore and aft, whilst the pick-up truck mounts a flamethrower to the rear.

I had intended keeping the original stars and stripes colour-scheme of the car, but I forgot and was too far into the undercoating to back out and repair the damage. So I went with blood-red instead.

The pickup was interesting to paint; that greebling down the side was part of the original vehicle; my only additions were the metal strips on the windscreen and the flamethrower assemblage in the back.

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