Saturday, 7 July 2018


Peter and I played DBA on Thursday. He brought his Dark Ages stuff, including some Vikings, and thought that it might be interesting to try them against the knight-based Carolingians. This was inspired by the fact that our blade vs knight Medieval Swiss/German games had always been entertaining.

We really should have foreseen the results. Since the Vikings are generally not going to be fighting on their home-turf, they got to fight on a billiard table.

Knights vs blades on a billiard table? That means dead blades.

A charge by the knights and the Vikings ended up losing three elements.

A surprising rally saw a couple of lucky ties, which destroyed two Carolingian elements, including the general. But the remaining Carolingians polished off another Viking for the win.

We swapped sides. The Vikings died like sheep. No Carolingians were harmed in the making of this second game.

Kids! Don't do Viking vs Carolingian DBA!

Caesar and Gary played old-school WRG AWI, supervised by Ian.

This is Caesar's brief report:

"Thanks to Ian for hosting another entertaining American War of Independence battle last week using AWRG rules. Congratulations to Gary for out manoeuvring my rebels in the wilderness. I over estimated the capacity of my irregulars to hold the flank against elite redcoats in the woods and lost the guns to a heroic cavalry charge up the centre, as fast thoroughbreds and Tarleton helmets proved more than a match for 3 pounders. Washington will not be impressed!"


  1. thanks for posting about the AWI game. the combination of an interesting looking game being played out in a small space intrigues me.

  2. Love those flags on the Carolingians.

    1. I suspect their accuracy is debateable. I know for sure we were using Normans for some of the knights :)

  3. Very nice. Looks like it was enjoyable.


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