Friday, 5 January 2018

HOTT Times Three

The first Gong Garage Gamers meet of 2018 saw just three of us; the post-holiday season still eats into everyone's availability for gaming, especially as Australia effectively shuts down until the end of January.

We played three games. the first was very short. Geoff used Dark Elves with a hero general against my Dwarves. I had two pieces of artillery. Geoff deployed his general opposite the artillery. The first cannonade killed him.

On to the second game. Geoff switched the mantle of general to his magician (a magnificent spider-thing).

We both had a core of blades, and had knights facing each other on my right flank.

On the other flank our missile troops face off. The Dwarves would eventually wear down and destroy the Elven archers, but it was a long fight.And they never got back into the battle.

On the other flank the Drawves' giant rollers (knights) were up against Elf knights and a hero. They pushed backward and forward for several bounds.

An overview of the battle.

Eventually the Dwarves managed to destroy an element of Elf knights, and exploited the gap to turn onto the flank of the Dark Elf magician general.

This was a good long fight, with plenty of shoving back and forth, and attempts to exploit overlaps.

The third and final game saw a different iteration of my Dwarves (the artillery and knights were swapped out for a hero and a behemoth) face Caesar's Zulus. These were mostly blades, but with a magician and a dragon in support.

My behemoth was driven off by Caesar's magician.

The two lines of blades closed with each other.

The Dwarven hero caught some Zulus in the long-grass and slaughtered them.

This allowed him to swing onto the flank of the magician, and assist some blades in killing him.

Fierce fighting up and down the line saw the Zulus come off worse. Blades are good in a fight, but when an army has lots of them it's slow to react to a disaster on one of the flanks.

The Zulu line was broken up and the army fled, giving my third win of the evening.

I hadn't had my Dwarves out for a game of HOTT in ages, so it was fun to use them again. I have a few more elements to add to the army; I must complete them sometime.

Thanks to Caesar and Geoff for the games.

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