Thursday, 4 January 2018

Cancon Aussie Bloggers Meetup

In previous years to this one, Paul of the Man Cave has organised an Aussie bloggers meetup at Cancon on the Saturday. Sadly it appears that he won't be able to make it this year, but would people still be interested in getting together just to say Hi and compare loot? It's a chance to appear in the most prestigious Australian wargames photographic event of the year - The Cancon Rogue's Gallery.

Here are previous years' pictures, courtesy of Paul's blog.

In previous years some people have got together in the evening for food and drink as well, but I'm not sure my organisational capabilities are up to that. However it's an option.

So how about it? Is anyone but me up for a meet on Saturday 27th January?


  1. Yeah, I'm up for it. Millsy was considering organising something on Saturday night, I believe.

  2. Absolutely I am up for it but have been a bit lax in organising. I'll be there Saturday and overnight. How about we meet up at 12:30pm Saturday for a quick hello and to plan dinner at a pub as usual?


  3. Dinner at the Duck's Nuts at 6:00pm...


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