Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Derpy Dinosaurs

Last week I played a game of Dragon Rampant using a warband made up of cheap plastic dinosaurs. As a reward for them not only winning, but also providing an entertaining game, I painted them this week.

Here's how they looked in the game.

And here's how they look now.

In other news, a majority of Australians said:


  1. What a transformation with the dinosaurs, splendid work.

  2. The dinosaurs chromatically go one way; Australians the other. The Universe retains its equilibrium and balance...

    I don't know whether 'Dragon Rampant' owes anything to Jack Vance's 'Dragon Masters' novel, but seeing your pictures for some reason reminds me of it. I read that when I was in my teens, a rattling good yarn, but 'el cheapo' pulp SF (Thought I) even so. Imagine my surprise, looking it up just now, to discover it won a Hugo Award!

    1. I did consider a rainbow-ish colour scheme for one of the dinosaurs. Some reconstructions have them very colourful indeed (backed up by some quite strong evidence as I recall).

      I'm not sure of a connection between Dragon Rampant and any specific novels. Like HOTT its a pretty generic fantasy set.

    2. From what I understand it’s a spin off of the historical table top game Lion Rampant. I believe they just substituted one apex predator for another. Citation needed though.

    3. Allow me to recommend 'Dragon Masters' if ever you run across a copy...

  3. I think a rainbow coloured dinosaur would be a suitably fitting marking of a historic occasion!

  4. The dinos look great the way you painted them!


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