Monday, 11 May 2015


It's a while since I've played Epic 40K HOTT, so when it was suggested as a possible thing to bring along on Thursday I was certainly up for it. I ended up playing a couple of games against Geoff; just basic 24AP affairs because, despite everything, I still like that format for HOTT.

Not much to see here, but the line of the right is my Necron force, defending against Geoff, who was using Dark Eldar. To the far right are my Monoliths, acting as a reserve,

Here's a closeup of the Monoliths, which are Behemoths in HOTT terms.

The Dark Eldar have lots of bikes and fast attack craft, all classed as Riders in HOTT

The Dark Eldar tried to turn the Necron left, but the Monoliths moved to block it.

On the Necron right, so large mechanical spider things, the name of which escapes me, faced the Dark Eldar Talos. Both are classed as Beasts.

The Dark Eldar Archon, their Hero general, got himself surrounded, but just wouldn't die.

The Talos mad a run for the Necron stronghold: a ruined temple.

The Monoliths tried to put the Dark Eldar right under pressure.

The Talos take the stronghold to give Geoff a victory.

In the second game Geoff took the Imperial Guard, against an Eldar army. The Eldar's fast-attack vehicles were supported by their Avatar, but came up against a stubborn force of Imperial tanks.

The Imperial Guard commander was with one of the two rocket batteries in the centre of their line, supported by massed Hordes of infantry. The Eldar infantry centre advanced on them.

The tanks broke up the Eldar formations.

The Avatar found himself bogged down by Imperial infantry. They died, but there seemed to be endless amounts of them.

The Eldar Swooping Hawks fought their way through to attack the rocket-batteries in the centre, destroying one of them.

They too, however, were swamped by hordes of Imperial infantry.

The Avatar was surrounded and destroyed, giving the Imperial Guard the victory. Their tanks had driven off most of the Eldar vehicles, whilst the Imperial artillery had accounted for some of the Eldar infantry.

On another table Caesar and Dave played DBA 3.0, using 24-element armies but with only a single PIP dice. Apparently it worked pretty well.

They added Peter, and played a second game, with three commands per side - a generic medieval army against Crusaders.

It was great to get the Epic 40K HOTT out again after far too long. I hope I can fit some more games in with them before they go back into storage.

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