Friday, 29 May 2015

Boxers On A Thursday Night

I had my Boxers and Foreign Devils out again last night for a game of HOTT against Geoff. In the first game I took the Boxers and Geoff ran the Foreign Devils.

The Foreigners set up based on a hill - Russians and Japanese on their left, with Americans and Italians defending their artillery.

The Boxers charged. Despite the depth of the bases, their army is mostly Warband. When the attack hit the Russians and Japanese held off charge after charge.

The Peking Boxers and the Red Lantern attacked the Foreigners' right, which was covered by a Royal Navy landing party and the Bengal lancers.

The Foreign Devil himself, Bishop Favier, went into the attack against the Peking Boxers, supported by the lancers

Destroying them, he turned his attention to the Red Lantern, killing her and giving the Foreign Devils the victory.

In the second game I took the Foreign Devils.

The battle centered around a hill. Unfortunately despite the uphill advantage the Devils found the Boxer charge hard to resist, and having their lancers shot down by the Chinese regular army contingent didn't help either.

Only a group of magic-resisting naked women resisted the Chinese attack (how often do you get to write that, eh?)

The Italians and Americans seemed unable to make an impression on the Peking Boxers on the other flank. The game ended in a victory for the Boxers, and another defeat for me.

I'm not sure I've won a game of HOTT this year.

On another table Gary and Caesar played the Game Which Cannot Be Named. It's ancients - that's all I'll say.

There was also a 24 element per side DBA game I didn't get any pictures of. And by the time Peter and Caesar pitted Burgundians and Tudor Rebel English against each other in a basic 12 element game, my phone was out of power, so I couldn't take any pictures.


  1. Some of the Chinese figures were quite a bit larger than others. Were they spirits or monsters of some kind?

    Nice looking game! Must....resist....following....suit......

  2. Yes, the Peking Boxers are 25mm figures as compared to the 15mm figures in the rest of the army - Peking Boxers were apparently 10' tall.

    The other big figure is the white-robed, red-faced Bishop Favier of Peking, who was, according to Chinese sources, a 200 year-old devil-prince.

    Other size discrepancies are due to different manufacturers (and there's figures by Irregular, Tabletop and Peter Pig in there) having different ideas as to what the height and build of a 15mm figure should be :)

  3. Varied and colourful troops to such an original theme - love the Boxers! Oh, and congratulations to Peter for soundly defeating my Tudor Rebel English in the final DBA game that was forgivingly missed on camera. His artillery proved surprisingly lethal. An enjoyable defeat, nonetheless!


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