Monday, 11 August 2014

Cutting and Glueing - Part 1

My lovely wife got some more printer ink today, so this evening I have been able to print out and start assembling Bolivar's Venezuelans, minus Bolivar himself who didn't print out as well as I'd hoped and will need to be redone.

I have cut out the strips and glued the fronts to the backs. Each element is two such strips:

(Sorry the picture is a bit blurry. Listening to Tom Waits does that to things.)

At the top of the picture are shorter strips which will be chopped up to make Skirmisher elements, a troop type I've been dabbling with on and off for a couple of years. Some of them are bow-armed Indians' 'there are some great accounts of them fighting for the Royalists in 'Conquer or Die!' and I thought they'd add a bit of local colour to the armies.

Here's some Gaucho/Llanero cavalry:

The gow in the middle of the picture is from the lamp on my headset magnifier. My eyes aren't up to doing this kind of stuff unaided any more.

Whilst the glue  was drying on the strips I chopped up some card to make the element bases:

And that's me done for the evening. Tomorrow I'll chop up endless bits of matchstick - I need 60 pieces for the cavalry alone - and then show you how I mount the strips. A lick of paint on the bases, and the troops should be ready to fight on Saturday.


  1. Great stuff! Great to know there are others using paper for wargaming. Maybe you might find my blog interesting too.
    I haven't been very active (mildly put) but a lot of positive energy has been poured into our paper campaigns and blog :)

    1. I think I was already following that bog; your reports were part of my inspiration to use paper figures for some projects :)


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