Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Cutting and Glueing - Part 2

I did some more work putting together Bolivar's troops this evening.

Firstly, the man himself. I printed him off last night. The penny is the base and the two pieces of matchstick will support the figures.


These bases are prepared for the infantry.

Bow-armed indian skirmishers, for starters.

You can see how they are assembled here. As before, the strange glow is from my head-lamp.

Fast-forward about an hour and a half, and here's the infantry all based.

Some gaucho/llanero cavalry. This is s top view showing how the supports sit on the bases.

And the cavalry proper.

I still have another eight elements of cavalry to do, but I hope to fit those in in odd moments over the next couple of evenings. I should be ready to paint the base edges and the matchstick pieces on Friday evening.

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