Friday, 4 July 2014

Two Table Thursday

We had two great games on the go last night at Wollongong Uni.

The first saw Dave teaching Napoleon At War to three other players, with a fabulous game involving French troops in Egypt. The French were fighting a combined Anglo-Turkish force with gorgeous terrain and lovely figures.

Here's some British.

And some ancient ruins.

The French infantry.

They had a flamethrower, the provenance of which escapes me. I think in the game it was just run as another artillery piece.

Some Turkish cavalry had brought their own obelisk.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy the rules. I know Ralph took heaps of pictures and will probably do a more complete report in due course.

Update: HERE IT IS

Meanwhile Geoff and I played HOTT - 72AP using his 15mm figures crammed onto 60mm frontage bases. I took a vaguely Greek Mythological force, whilst Geoff used Da Vinci Italians.

My right flank command was mostly Riders, with a Hero in support.

In the centre I had a load of Spears, backed up by some aerials.

Geoff had tanks.

My cavalry cautiously approach the enemy.

My main point of effort was on the left, where I had a big command of Warband supported by Behemoths. I like Warband supported by Behemoths.

Unfortunately as I moved into position, Geoff's army brought on a God (the Angel Gabriel), and I was severely hindered for the rest of the game.

The centres advanced slowly towards each other.

My right flank had, by this stage, disappeared. They fled after their commander was killed.

The Angel Gabriel polished off a Cyclops to give Geoff the game.

My first game of HOTT in ages, and I was crushed ...


  1. Fantastic looking games - both very unique!

  2. In the game the flame-thrower was just another artillery base. Historically the French used one to combat an uprising in Cairo, I could find no information on what it looked like so I just made one up out of the spares box.

    David B

    1. My favourite was the French aeronaut. I've never seen a balloonist used in a Napoleonic game. Some of the bases were brilliantly creative, including a medical unit and skirmishers clambering around palm trees. It kept us all very entertained!

  3. Great post, sorry about your game of HotT. Fire up "Eye of the Tiger," Its time for an 80s training montage to get you back in fighting form!


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