Thursday, 24 July 2014

Paper Patriots

I've finally managed to put together the Patriot infantry and cavalry elements for my Liberation paper armies.

This time I photographed them on a green cloth, and they look a lot better.

Here's the assembled troops:

And here's General San Martin. Despite having lived in Australia for nearly six years now, I still have a stock of UK pennies to stick figures to.

A cavalry column.

Closeup of the infantry.

The next step is to assemble three elements of artillery for each army, then I just need to paint the supporting matchstick pieces and base edges in green to finish everything off. I may run a line of colour along the back of each element, to more easily distinguish the two sides; not all elements have flags.


  1. It is remarkable how good base flocking or playing surface can really set off an array of troop. this looks like a fine way to get a project up and running in quick time. I've occasionally looked at the paper armies notion myself, having begun at a young age making crude paper figures for battle games. But having too many projects in the pipeline already tends to have an inhibiting effect...

    1. They are quick as well. I found the files on Saturday morning and had some test bases prepared by the end of the day. I assembled five A4 sheets of units in Photoshop on Sunday and by today - Thursday - I have two armies basically ready to use (just the bases to edge, but that's garnish, really).


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