Friday, 25 July 2014

Special Project Night

Vows of secrecy that are the strongest a man can take bind me and prevent me from telling you what Caesar and I played last night. All you get is a photo of the terrain, because it came out particularly well.

This town is made up of 1/300th buildings from Hovels and Steve Barber.

I can say that we played an interesting, asymmetrical scenario which turned out to be a closer game than it first appeared.

We played until well gone 11pm, so it was midnight by the time we'd packed up and left the University. I got a right telling-off for getting in so late without telling Mrs Kobold why I was late.

Meanwhile others were playing Blitzkrieg Commander - a rerun of the Narew scenario we played a few months ago.

I think the Russians won it. As ever there were lots of burning tanks.

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