Sunday, 8 December 2013

Weird World War II - Painting Progress

After a break of nearly two years (yes, two years) I have, today, made some more progress on my 15mm Weird World War II American army. Here's a few choice bits, in various stages of completion.

Captain America - mostly done.

The Haunted Tank.

Lassie (Yes, Lassie fought in WWII - in 'Courage of Lassie').

There are other rank and file elements that are mostly complete as well, but I'll save those for another post.


  1. Brilliant stuff! I really like the ghost general on the haunted tank - it's perfect - it's like right out of the pages of the comics!

    (not that I've seen a haunted tank comic for over 30 years...)

    1. Presumably it's the ghost of General Jeb Stuart? Scope for a whole series of Allied tanks accompanied by the phantoms of the generals for whom they are named - Sherman, Grant, Lee, Cromwell &c. What about the Churchill? Since Winston was not yet deceased, would it be accompanied by the shade of Marlborough?

      German tanks, on the other hand, would be accompanied by animal familiars...

  2. If you have Lassie then you must have Francis the talking mule!

  3. Very cool. I don't think I ever read the haunted tank, but I've seen it before.

  4. Will the Weird Brit army (soon to follow) feature Bedknobs & Broomsticks Arthurian knights?

  5. Brilliant! Love the typical rock outcrop for Lassie and the Ghost tank - I've had a fondness for Stuart tanks ever since those comics! Now what about Sgt Nick Fury?


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