Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Loot

Somehow I managed not to play any games over Christmas. I'm not sure how that happened, although the fact that I spent three days just unwinding from the last few months at work (for 'unwinding' read 'sleeping') probably didn't help. And then I spent most of the remaining time doing family stuff, rediscovering the pleasures of building with Lego and making very poor-quality animations involving our chickens. The usual stuff.

Still, it's traditional on a blog to post about the loot you get at Christmas. Well, to be honest I didn't get much in the way of games-related things. Just one thing actually - enough Peter Pig Green Martians to do another HOTT army:

At the rate I paint you can expect to see these completed sometime in 2024. Somewhere I have some Black Hat ten-legged Martian dogs, which would make a nice Beast element for this army.

Aside from that I got some nerdy goodies. A history of Lego minifigures:

I also got a couple of Doctor Who bits. The t-shirt was nice, but even better were these slipper-socks that my lovely wife made for me:

The best thing is
That I have got
Tardis socks
And you have not :)

The children got (and loved) Tardis themed fingerless-gloves and a hat. It may be summer here, but we're already geared up for winter. My wife didn't get any Doctor Who themed stuff, but has now joined my son and I in the ranks of onesie-owners with this fetching cat look:

And that was it really. My wife also got me  a new handbag (big enough for the camera and all the other stuff I port around when I'm out and about in girl-mode), plus a frock I'd been eyeing up for ages. And pfeffernüsse - lots of pfeffernüsse. I like pfeffernüsse.

Now I need to play some games.


  1. Well there you go. Some months ago my beloved bought herself a kangaroo suit, whimsical lass so she is. I see your own better half is equally given to bouts of craz--- I mean moments of delightful caprice...

    1. Well, she wanted the cat suit - I bought it. I, of course. have my dinosaur/Godzilla one, as previously featured on this blog :)


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