Saturday, 28 September 2013

Best Laid Plans ...

I had hoped to spend some more time of rewriting 'Mighty Mean-Fowt Fights' this weekend. But events have conspired against me. Not necessarily in a bad way, though. We have won a free feed tomorrow, which means that we will be out and about for some of it. Since tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of our arrival in Australia it's come at a perfect time - our free feed will also be a celebration. And today I met up with my cousin - the only member of my family that actually lives out here. We had lunch at the local Buddhist temple, because that's what you do here. I've also had to actually work for some of this weekend as well, something I don't plan to make a habit of.

Now those that know me will know that I can still squeeze gaming time into my life, despite all that. That's been spoken for this weekend as well. Next week is MOAB 2013, and the only HOTT tournament in Australia. Obviously I am taking part, and my armies are all sorted. But now, for reasons too involved to go into, my wife and children have decided to take part as well. So, suddenly, I have had to rummage out three more HOTT army matched-pairs, suitable for use by my family who, whilst they have played HOTT before are more than a little rusty. Anyway, what gaming time I have had today has been spent in my part of the man-cave sifting through my HOTT army collection.

I bet you think that's an organised affair. You'd be wrong. Each of these boxes contains one or more HOTT armies. Or unpainted figures. Unsorted, unpainted figures. Only some of the boxes are labelled.

Still, I think I've found most of what I was looking for.

I also found an unfinished - indeed barely started - HOTT project. But I mustn't get waylaid.

The first pair of armies is now organised, with a couple of elements needing minor repairs. Here's part of one of them.

Tomorrow I hope to organise the other two army pairs (in consultation with my lovely offspring), and then we need to schedule some practice games.

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