Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dangerously Intellectual

A Dangerous Man?
Be it known that I am now officially dangerous.

At a loose end this evening, I decided that, after a year of actually playing the game, I should finally read the rules for 'Maurice'.

Yes, I slipped on my reading glasses, settled down with a nice cup of tea and some episodes of 'Star Fleet' in the background, and read the basic game rules. I still have the Advanced and Campaign rules to do, but I can get by without them for now. I am ready to take to the battlefields of 18th Century Europe with skill and panache! Fear me!

In other news we went to see 'Pacific Rim' today. If you have any interest or love of either giant monsters or giant robots then you need to go and see it. It certainly lived up to my expectations. It's a faithful and affectionate tribute to its original source material, but has a style all its own, with a good cast and some entertaining character interactions. The human cast are as interesting as the machines and monsters; a rarity for this type of film.

I need more big robots in my kaiju collection now ...


  1. All of my friends who have seen PR tell me it's a winner. Next Tuesday I shall see for myself!

  2. Someone else who knows the Maurice rules and even looks the part of a gentleman philosopher in spectacles. I'm finished! Provided I die in a nice cravat with baroque melody filling my ears, all is not lost. Onward meine kinder!

    1. Read? Yes. Know? Maybe not. But I'm starting to see how some of the cards might effectively interact with the turn sequence and, more importantly, how the numbers come together in close combat.


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