Friday, 29 March 2013

Go Outside And Play

It's a public holiday and, because it's Australia, it's sunny. The kind of day when your mum would say "It's a public holiday and it's sunny - why don't you go outside and play?"

So Maya and I did. Whilst Catherine and Cei went off with fishing rods pretending to be Jeremy Wade, Maya and I found a shelter in the park, and set up a game of Clobberin' Time. This was her first time playing it, but she picked it up quickly and enjoyed it. But then she is a bit of a comics geek, which helps.

We set up the same X-Men/Brotherhood of Evil Mutants game I played last week. The felt pieces represented buildings. We spent a lot of the game chasing after them, as the breeze kept blowing them away.

Both sides had to take an objective from the opposing side of the board, and get it to their own side.

Here's the game set up and in progress. That's my daughter, Maya, for those that don't know. She played the X-Men (Cyclops, Wolverine and Nightcrawler - she luuuurves Nightcrawler), and I played the Evil Mutants (Quicksilver, Pyro and The Blob).

The various objects on the board edge were to stop it blowing away in the breeze coming off the lake.

Quicksilver zipped ahead, and was opposed by Wolverine.

Maya kept Cyclops to cover the objective, as his incessant whining annoyed the other X-Men.

The first turn of action. Nightcrawler had teleported to the central building, The Blob was moving up to help Quicksilver and Pyro was trying to make himself useful on the sidelines.

 Nightcrawler teleported again, but ended up too close to The Blob who, not one to miss an opportunity, attacked him. He scored four hits, but Nightcrawler's agility saved him from all but one.

With Quicksilver zooming around elsewhere, Wolverine moved up to assist his team-mate. He inflicted a couple of hits on The Blob with his claws, although The Blob scored one back.

Ah, there's Quicksilver! He'd run right around the central building, and raced over to grab the objective whilst Cyclops failed to stop him.

However Nightcrawler had also got the X-Men's objective, and was teleporting for home, slowed only by hinder markers (I rejigged Teleport so that, instead of being inaccurate with distance, there was a high chance of losing future actions the further you went). Pyro also slowed the German mutant's return with some flame-control,

Wolverine took down The Blob.

He then closed in on Quicksilver, who was on the run home. It was touch and go whether he'd make it back before Nightcrawler got his act together enough to teleport, but Cyclops finally did something useful and blasted the speedster before he could move.

Nightcrawler teleported to victory.

Maya's victory dance. Yes, she still does victory dances.

 I think Cei and Catherine caught a couple of fish. We had more fun though. And we got out into the fresh air and sunshine.

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