Friday, 21 September 2012

Preparing For MOAB

In less than two weeks it's the annual MOAB HOTT tournament, and since the Gong Garage Gamers like to show everyone else how it's done we spent yesterday evening playing HOTT with various versions of the armies we plan to use. Mostly because this gives us an idea of how doomed we're likely to be ..

Random pictures, as I didn't track individual game reports.

Geoff's Dark Elves fight mt Morally Ambiguous Elves. The Dark Side lost:

Spears - a popular troop choice on the night:

Caeasar's Zulus. Their final composition is still a matter for discussion:

Chaos centaurs:

The Chaos Centaurs fight the Zulus:

The obligatory picture of Geoff and his bow-tie:

A Warband shoving-match - both Elves:

My Morally Ambiguous Elves fought the Dark Elves again, this time commanded by new player Travis. The Dark Elves triumphed, with the official story being that I let the new guy win :)

Three games being played:

Geoff and Pete indulging in some more hot Elf on Elf action:

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  1. 'Burns and a bowtie. Geoff has class. For an Australian.


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