Sunday, 23 September 2012

HOTT In The Gallery

I'm part of a group of photographers who are currently exhibiting at a local gallery (Project Contemporary Artspace in Wollongong to be precise). Since the gallery is not for profit, it is manned by volunteers, usually drawn from those currently exhibiting there. Which is why Mrs Kobold and I found ourselves on gallery-sitting duty this fine sunny Sunday morning.

How to kill a few hours whilst waiting for and watching people look at the photos? Well, for some of the time we played HOTT.

15mm, Orc vs Dwarves.

Here we are, all set up and ready to go. Catherine, playing the Dwarves, is getting her Flyer into position:

Visitors enjoy the photos in the gallery. There are pieces by seventeen local photographers, from full-on professionals to rank amateurs like myself:

The Orc hordes begin their advance:

The Dwarves sit on a hill:

Catherine looking pleased with herself:

It was a very slow advance. My cunning flanking move by the wolf-riders was hampered by the Dwarf Flyer:

The Lord of the Nazgul rides down the Dwarven tunnelling machines (Sneaker):

Finally the Dwarven line prepares to receive the ferocious Orc attack:

One round of combat saw the Orc Hordes repulsed, with fewer casualties than expected it has to be said. But the Orcs were set up in a nice position, with the main Dwarf force nicely pinned, and a flank force of one Blade, a Shooter and some Artillery under pressure from the Orc's Knight general and a Rider.

At that point some friends of ours turned up, and the game was abandoned in favour of conversation about photographs and bathroom renovations.

I would have won, though, despite what Catherine might tell you ...

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  1. Sure you would have won Alan!... (note my tone of sarcastic disbelief)

    Great photographic exhibition and well worth a look. The unanimous favourite in our little tribe was your closeup of the rainbow lorikeet (actually one of the best in the whole gallery in my opinion) and I thought your "duality" photo was very clever too.


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