Monday, 7 January 2019

Munera Sine Missione - Version 3.0

At long, long last I have finally published Version 3.0 of our gladiator rules, 'Munera Sine Missione'. Victor and I spent several months working on the changes for this version last year, but the final editing and formatting has been sat in my to-do pile since then waiting for me to do something about it.

Well, now I have.

You can find Version 3.0 via my Free Stuff page (which is always the best way to access it since the link always goes to the most recent version) or you can simply access them directly HERE.

'Munera Sine Missione' is based on a simple set of rules published in a magazine many years ago. I reworked them from about 2002 onwards, and Victor and I started working together on the project back in 2012. The rules are hex-based, and gladiators act by spending Action Points (AP), determined by the throw of a single D6.  Combat is based on opposed die rolls. By keeping the mechanisms and equipment as simple as possible we allow players to stat up pretty much any suitable figure in their collection. A bout can be resolved in five or ten minutes, allowing for multiple fights in each session, thus making campaign play easy.

So what changes will you find in this latest version?

If you're a regular reader of this blog then you'll probably have some idea, since I have been previewing the changes as we developed them. However a brief summary follows:

(i) The biggest change is in the Fatigue system, which has pretty much been rewritten. A gladiator accumulates fatigue through certain actions or events, or in order to acquire extra AP. Attacks on the gladiator can require them to convert accumulated fatigue into hits - the more fatigue they have the more likely this is to happen. Heavily armoured gladiators can now get more AP if they need them, but will tire quickly if they overdo it, or can be worn down by lighter opponents.

(ii) In line with the fatigue changes, the rules for stamina have been streamlined to make damage thresholds easier to track.

(iii) Very lightly equipped gladiators can now use a dodge as a form of armour save, at the risk of accumulating fatigue.

(iv) A lot of the specific weapon rules have been rewritten and a few new weapons added.

(v) Again, to bring them in line with the changes to fatigue and stamina, a number of the critical hits have been rewritten.

(vi) The game now includes a full set of campaign rules both for the solo gamer and for multiple players.

(vii) Finally, Victor has put together a comprehensive list of historical gladiator types, with full stats for the rules plus a list of plausible opponents for each.

I know these rules have a following of sorts, and we have done our best to keep them as true to their original form as we can. we hope you enjoy playing them as much as we have enjoyed developing them.

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