Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Return To Wacky Raceland

Having played a Wacky Race using Gaslands, I set up the same vehicles for a race using Machinas last night. I ran three laps, using a three-lane track with an inner and outer shoulder lane as well. The vehicles were built to equal points, but using some changes which I hope will streamline how vehicles are designed under my current house-rules. So it was a test game of sorts.

From back to front:

Dick Dastardly had wheel-spikes and a range of dirty tricks to make him more difficult to pass.
The Anthill Mob were equipped with a big gun and caltrops, plus the option of a surprising burst of speed.
Peter Perfect was all about his powerful engine and some cool driving.
Penelope Pitstop was more of an all-rounder, with a decent engine, a ram and some cunning strategies.

And they're off! Penelope Pitstop took the lead, closely tailed by Peter Perfect. The Anthill Mob took third place, and Dick Dastardly bided his time at the rear.

I played all vehicles using a mix of AI and common sense.

The positions held on the first straights, but the Anthill Mob took second place from Peter Perfect on the first turn where his mighty engine was no advantage to him.

They then slipped to the inside, and engaged Penelope Pitstop with their machine-gun, putting a few holes in her car.

She dropped back, giving them the lead. Seeing an opportunity, Peter Perfect overtook her as well, pushing her back into third place.

Dick Dastardly failed to overtake her on the inside ...

... but a second attempt on the final bend of the first lap was more successful. He closed in with his savage scythes ...

... and Penelope Pitstop was wrecked.

The first straight of the second lap saw Peter Perfect take the lead.

The other two racers pushed him hard, but he held them off again ...

... and again.

And again. He even put a bullet or two into Dick Dastardly's vehicle.

This was the position going into the final lap.

Dick Dastardly erred on the side of caution for the first part of the lap, but came under pressure from the Anthill Mob, who consistently evaded his caltrops and oil-slicks.

At this stage I was joined by the latest addition to our family, Miller.

Into the final bend and straight, and Peter Perfect was holding a steady lead. Dick Dastardly made one more attempt to take first place, but failed.

On the final straight The Anthill Mob came up on the outside ...

... and whilst they couldn't hope to catch Peter Perfect they just edged across the finish line ahead of Dastardly and Muttley to take second place.

Drat, and double drat!

The survivors!

Even running solo at the end of a long day this took no more than 90 minutes to play, including putting together the stats for the cars. The changes I've made seemed to mostly play out OK; I need to make a few refinements to how personal weapons operate, but other systems I've had issues with in the past seemed to play out OK with the changes I've made to them.

A pity about poor Penelope Pitstop though.

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  1. Aaw. Miller'so a good looking cat. He looks like a gamer too


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