Monday, 4 September 2017

Evading The Bikers

I ran through a quick Machinas road-chase this evening, since I'm running some on Thursday and also need to have some stuff ready for MOAB at the end of the month.

I decided to have the V8 Interceptor pursued by a trio of bikers. I randomly assigned characteristics, signatures and features, and they were a pretty incompetent bunch; unlucky, prone to loosing off their ammo and not really geared up for chasing a powerful car. But I ran with what I had.

An early passing attempt. Whilst not really having any hope of success, it did start to wear down the Interceptor's bonus dice pool.

Coming in from both side.

A breather, as everyone tried to build up more dice.

The larger bikes - with big guns - line up for another run.

Now the bikes were running the Interceptor close.

One bike dropped out.

Then another.

The last bike went into the attack. At first it ran too close, and both vehicles swerved to stay in control.

Setting up for a pass ...

... and success at last! The bikers blazed away with their big gun, but the Interceptor's driver evaded it ...

... although they dropped back. Now in front, the bikers called it a day.

So no damage and no casualties. The random road was the issue in this game; it just kept generating straights, where the Interceptor's powerful engine was at an advantage. The bikes are generally better at passing, but just couldn't manage it. There were only two curves, and the first was early on when all vehicles had plenty of dice to spare, and the Interceptor could throw them into staying ahead. The second curve was at the end, and allowed the last bike that one shot.

Still, it was worth running through the game to remind myself how to play.

6x6 - Game 4.3


  1. I've started playing a few games as well, and found the same problem with repeating straights. I began to use an increasing modifier to the dice when generating the next section after a repeat.

    1. Well, there is a 1 in 3 chance of a curve. It would be simple enough just to redo the roll, although 1 in 3 does reflect the racetrack (four straights, two curves).

      How about 1-3 Straight, 4 Opposite curve to last one (straight if no curve rolled), 5 Left Curve, 6 Right Curve.

      Note that in the original rules the direction of the curve makes no difference, but I have added in a small change for that.

    2. I went a bit more complex... If there were two straights in a row, then it becomes 1-2 another straight, 3-4 left curve, 5-6 right curve. If three straights in a row, then 1-3 left curve, 4-6 right curve.

    3. I saw your mod for reversing curves, subtle but quite effective.


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