Saturday, 23 September 2017

A Mound

Sorry there haven't been any posts recently. I kind of dropped the ball on the gaming front over the last week or so, what with one thing and another.

I have, however, put together a camp for my Mound Builders DBA army. I thought I'd better because I'm taking it to a competiton, and I'm sure they expect a higher standard than just a bit of carpet tile with a spare element on it.

It's a mound. With a hut on it. I kind of researched it using a Google Image search for 'mound builder mounds'.

It's made from card, and the steps are matchsticks. The hut is a 3D print. The flocking is terrible, but I can't be bothered to redo it.

Here it is with some elements. I have a spare general's element in the army, so whichever one I don't use will end up as the camp followers.


  1. I reckon camps are one of the best parts of DBA and sadly it is an area I have been very poor at.

    1. Also rather telling; I have always been disturbed by the propensity for scenes of torture and execution people seemed to like adding to their DBM camps.

      (But then I have a HOTT element featuring a human sacrifice, so who am I to say?)

  2. The flocking on the mound looks good. I really like the sense of mass you created for your tribesmen bases (I am not sure what unit the are). That is tough to do with 15's. I play DbA 3.0 in 6mm. Mass is easy to create in that scale.

    1. MOst of my DBA armies are 6mm as well - I use 40mm frontages with 4x the 15mm figures (so 8, 12, 16 figures for standard elements). They give a lovely sense of mass.


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