Friday, 18 November 2016

Tank Thursday

It was a quiet club-night last night. I didn't have a game organised, and the planned large game fell through, so I ended up as an observer. But that was OK as I also ended up as a taxi service for my daughter and had to leave early.

There were two games on display. First up, Geoff and Peter played GHQ's micro-armour rules. These looked quite interesting, although some of the mechanisms, and the proliferation of markers, betrayed their apparent board-game roots. Each 1" base represents a platoon, and the game has an interesting orders system where you select a mode for each group of bases, but then roll to see how many of those groups you can then automatically activate.

Geoff's Russians were defending a farm.

Peter's Germans were attacking them.

As I left the Germans had just reached the defences, I don't know what happened next.

Bryan and Ralph were on the other table, teaching Daniel the ins and outs of Team Yankee.

Next week sees more Maurice, I believe.

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