Friday, 20 May 2016

Old Rules Never Die

When you write a set of rules, even one heavily derived from someone else's, and then post them on the 'net for others to see, it's always a great source of satisfaction to find people not only looking at them, but playing them as well.

About three years ago I put together Clobberin' Time, a simple set of rules for superhero skirmishes. To be honest it's been a while since I played them - over two years in fact - but it appears that they haven't gone entirely unnoticed.

The authors of the Old Heroes Never Die website is running a game of it at Kublacon at the end of May, featuring a scenario based around the still-classic X-Men #137 - 'Phoenix Must Die!'. I shall be looking forward to seeing more on this as it happens, as that comic was a defining moment in my love of comic-book superheroes.

In addition Natholeon, of Natholeon's Empires, has been modelling superhero RPG characters, basing them on various Heroclix figures, for use with Clobberin' Time, as can be seen HERE. He plans to run and document a game soon, and I shall be looking forward to that as well.

Update: Read The Anarcho-Bomb HERE

In fact, I almost feel inspired to play another game myself.

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  1. Hopefully soon! Real life stuff and painting deadlines keep getting in the way...


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