Friday, 11 March 2016

More Secrets

This week's report of last night's gaming activities is a little short on both text and pictures.

Gary and Geoff played a HOTT game, which I didn't take any pictures of.

I took along a selection of 3D prints, some of which I have taken pictures of and some of which I haven't.

The rest of us played a WWII game about which I'm not at liberty to tell you anything. We used various bits of Flames of War stuff, but a lot of it wasn't necessarily representing what it appeared to be representing.

These are all Churchills, for example.

These aren't. In fact I think what you see here is mostly what you get.

This started off a a big grey area representing a city. I'm not sure why it didn't actually have any buildings on it, but Dave rectified the situation with some of my unpainted show-and-tell prints.

I can say that we had a great evening, even if a lot of it was spent trying to work out how to play a game new to all of us. We enjoyed what it seemed to offer.

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