Saturday, 26 March 2016

HOTT, Saga and Flames of War

Thursday night saw another session with three lively games on the go. I played 15mm HOTT with Geoff. I the first game I took Orcs against Dwarves (the kind with various team-devices - those Dwarves)

I attacked on both flanks - on one with Beasts and on the other with Riders, and saw both attacks shot down by Artillery and Shooters. Unable to make a breakthrough there I just launched an assault in the centre.

I lost 17AP. Geoff lost noting. It was a massacre. Songs will be sung in Dwarven halls for ever more.

Here are the pitiful remains of my army. On the plus side I didn't lose my general.

We then tried Daleks against UNIT. I advanced my Dalek line and Geoff's shooting was, once again, rather good. He even took out my Artillery with shooting.

I managed to get the Brigadier into a sticky situation. I then completely fluffed the combat, losing my general and the battle.

On one of the other table was a Flames of War game set in Italy. Impressive scenery, as ever, plus loads of burning tanks.

Caesar and Gary played Saga, and were obviously having a whale of a time, pitting Vikings against Jomsvikings. This is their second game, which saw them battling for control of a couple of bridges. The bridges threw out the colour-balance, which is why the pictures look dark and peculiar.


  1. I love the look of Daleks in games ......... I must do something about that!

  2. Love the Dwarf army. Is it one of yours? Can you give it a showcase?

    1. Goes back a long way - yes it's one of mine. A combination of Peter Pig figures supplemented by Warmaster artillery and machines.

  3. Looks really good. What is it? 6 Blades (CO), 2 Artillery, 1 Flyer, 1 Behemoth. Does it fight well? I ask because I'm building a similar army using Demonworld figures.

    1. Almost right - 6 x Blades (including the general, 1 x Artillery, 1 x Behemoth, 1 x Shooter and 1 x Sneaker (a tunnelling machine). Fights OK, for an army based mostly around Blades and things which move 200p; don't expect any sweeping moves :)


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