Friday, 22 November 2013

'Longstreet' - River Crossing

Last night we tried the river-crossing scenario from Longstreet. The union, under Ralph and Austin, defended, whilst Caesar and Bryan attacked with the Confederates. I took photos.

Here are the Confederates.

And here's the table. The river could only be crossed at the four fords.

The Confederate right, under Bryan, offered a diversionary attack ...

... but somehow it became the main attack, as Caesar's flank made less headway.

Caesar finally got his act together, and assaulted the ford on the Confederate left, throwing back the defenders.

A view down the table, with the Confederates starting to push forward at both ends.

A Union counter-attack threw back the Confederates on the left.

At that point we ran out of time. The Confederates had taken more casualties, but still had plenty of fight left in them.

It was interesting to see how much more confident people were with both card-play and handling the units. Our plan for the next game is to possibly try an historical scenario.

Meanwhile, across the room - Full Thrust.

This was a convoy action, but I forgot to find out who won.


  1. Thanks Alan, some great photos, although I'm not too keen on the one showing me looking bewildered!

  2. You're not bewildered, Ralph. That's your "analysing" pose! Great game and thanks for the wrap up from our adroit war correspondent. Nice photos I have to agree. This was the most fun I've had with Longstreet so far and I loved the card interplay, despite my abysmal dice rolling. More cards = less dice!


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