Friday, 15 November 2013

HOTT On Barsoom

Last night the Gong Garage Gamers mostly played HOTT, using my 15mm Barsoom army collection - a chance to try various combinations of Blades and Airboats, with a few extras thrown in.

One of those 'extras' is, of course, the Green Martians, which is a mixture of Knights and Shooters:

Geoff (looking particularly sinister in this picture) Used them against Caesar, who took the Red Martian city-state of Gathol.

Some lone Red Martian thoat-riders took on most of the Green Martian horde. The result was inevitable.

Meanwhile I used the illusionary Bowmen of Lothar against the army of Helium, led by John Carter himself.

This is the only Barsoomian army to feature a Magician.

John Carter led from the rear.

On the other table Geoff's Green Martians surrounded the Gatholian general andkilled him.

Lothar's army is assisted by eight-legged Martian lions - Banths. They ended up being neatly sliced and diced by the Heliumitic foot-soldiers

Geoff and Caesar set up another game - Caesar took the mosty-aerial Black Pirates whilst Geoff had the Red Martians of Lothar, with their disintegration-ray and cannibals.

More of the fight between Helium and Lothar.

And on the other table we had an epic air-battle ...

... whilst the Lotharian Hordes tried to outflank the Black Pirate foot-soldiers.

The Bowmen of Lothar battled the warriors of Helium, but couldn't resist them. Helium scored a decisive win.

More aerial action from the other table.

A Black Pirate Airboat attacked Phor Tak and his disintegration-ray.

Peter and Dave set up Gathol against the primitive Red Martian state of Manator. This was the only picture I took of the game, and I can't remember who won.

Over on the other side of the room, Ralph and Bryan played Flames of War. I think French and Germans were in use, in the desert somewhere.

The Black Pirates eventually triumphed in a very close game - both Jahar and the Pirates were one element away from breaking.

The final game of the night - I used Jahar whilst Caesar took Helium.

Again, we had an exciting air battle.

A Jaharian warship tried to sneak up on John Carter.

And a Heliumitic vessel threatened the Jaharian line.

Undocumented, John Carter dealt with Jahar's navy, and went Horde-hunting.

This, despite the potentially deadly attentions of Phor Tak's disintegration-ray.

He survived, and Helium picked up another victory, destroying Jahar's aerial navy and some of the supporting Blades.

This was a great night of HOTT, with all seven armies getting at least one outing.


  1. That is all kinds of AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice. Great looking armies and excellent post!!

  3. Brilliant fun evening with Alan's Barsoomian armies. Using so many airboats was a refreshing change and the diversity of the armies makes for some intriguing match ups. We need to have a 96 pt mega game with this lot soon!

    1. I need to create one more army to make the collection up to eight; probably some flavour of Red Martians. And then I'd like another Green Martian army :)

  4. Thanks for posting. It's great that you have enough armies to have a theme night like that.

  5. Brilliant. Where did you get those Banths? Superb!

    1. The Banths came from a kid's playset released in the US many years ago. A friend sent me three in return for some figures. I can't remember who made it now. Someone really needs to make some eight-legged lions in 15mm :)


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