Friday, 15 March 2019

Gaslands In The Wilderness

We finally got enough people together last night for a game of Gaslands! We did a five-play Zombie Bash (with counters standing in for the zombies).

Instead of an arena I set up a wilderness terrain, with treacherous woods, hazardous rough ground and low hills providing cover.

I used my new Mishkin nuclear-engined vehicle, accompanied by a bike with a mini-gun.

The other players were Caesar, running a couple of Warden-sponsored ram-cars, John running a pair of Miyazaki performance cars, Damo, running a pair of Idris vehicles and Jason running a single horribly beweaponed Rutherford station-wagon.

Jason shot up one of John's performance cars.

I found myself heading headlong towards Damo's Idris team. His car evaded my nuclear-powered ram ...

... but his truck didn't. Sadly neither of us inflicted much in the way of damage on the other.

Caesar brought The Shovel into play, but failed to hit my nippy motorcyclist. I deftly slipped past him, damaging him with my gun as I went past.

Jason cruised around blazing away with machine-guns and rockets, backed up by a fearsome array of perks to make every shot count.

He shot up my nuclear car with rockets, causing it to go out of control, flip and explode in a deadly fireball. The Idris pick-up truck survived, badly damaged and out of control.

Caesar brought Skull-Dragger into play, smashing up Jason's weapon-wagon.

I can't remember what happened next. I think Jason destroyed Skull-Dragger with rockets, but was then taken out by by the wrecked vehicle smashing into him.

Anyway, by the time this photo was taken the only vehicles still running were one of John's performance cars, Damo's damaged pickup and my bike, which was out of shot as I was avoiding contact with other vehicles.

Damo was the only player to take a drive through the woods.

Jason got his battlewagon back into play as John and I squabbled over 'zombies'.

His remaining rockets made short work of my bike, which, in a repeat of the earlier incident, crashed into the front of him in its death-throes.

At that point we had to call time. John won with 12 'zombies' collected, whilst I came second with 10. Caesar had 8, whilst Damo and Jason barely troubled the scorer.

It was good fun seeing the different sponsor strategies in play. I'm not sure a nuclear engine on a pickup truck is entirely the best design to go for on my team, though. The speed is useful, but bad things happen if the vehicle goes out of control, and pickup trucks are not noted for being easy to keep under control. However my bike did great in this scenario, picking up most of my 'zombie' total. Indeed had Jason not destroyed me at the end, forcing me to lose five tokens from my collection, I would have had a runaway win with 15 points.


  1. I liked the alternative terrain, worked well. 50 can cars should be banned! Looking forward to a zombie free scenario next time. Thanks all, entertaining mayhem as ever
    Cheers, Caesar

    1. Last time I used a 50 Can car it was a complete disaster.

      For most scenarios it's an All Eggs In One Basket risk. You collect zombies at a lower rate, for example. In Arena of Death you can't respawn, so if you lose it, you're out. And I suspect in Capture The Flag (which we've yet to play) the fact that you can't both defend your own flag and take an opponent's at the same time might not be much fun.


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