Friday, 29 June 2018

More What A Tanker

We played a couple of games of 'What a Tanker' last night, but I forgot my phone and didn't get any pictures. So here's some 'Girls und Panzer' fan-art from Excogitatoris-Logica from this site.

We did actually use T34-85s. I ran two of them (although Theo took one over in the second game), Colin ran a Stug and Ralph ran a Panther. The terrain was a mix of impassable woods, lines of trees and low rises. The terrain actually worked very well, with all of us manuevering to make the most of it and make the enemy's shots more difficult.

One report covers both games. Ralph brought his Panther down the middle, got it into a nice position and was then destroyed. Colin then spent the rest of the game heroically fending off two Russian tanks with his Stug, getting in several hits before eventually succumbing. The Stug is a tricky customer. Whilst it's limited by not having a turret, its low profile makes it harder to acquire, and the Tank Destroyer trait essentially gives it an automatic aim. The T34s both survived both games.

Meanwhile there was also a game of Saga. I think Caesar took some pictures of that, but I haven't seen them yet.


  1. Most reports filtering through of What a Tanker are talking about a positive gaming experience. Looks like the Lardies struck gold with this one, especially as the trend to 1/56 Bolt Action means that a lot of gamers have good looking models already for an armour skirmish game.


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